I’m currently looking toward the next iteration of my website’s layout. I’m making a design system for the site, and I wanted to begin by identifying which parts of the UI will be components and those achieved by using several components. It’s exciting to discover what I can improve in the process.


I’ve updated my projects page. The newest addition is a design system and I’ve rebranded my podcast while it’s still in pre-production.

What a Git

I’ve noticed that occasionally I’ll do a “quick edit” to my website using GitHub in the browser on my iPad. Doing this is a terrible habit that must stop. It nearly always results in a mistake and I have to go and boot up the computer anyway.

Don’t rush it

A side project that you’re passionate about being a success shouldn’t be fast-tracked to production. It’s far more rewarding to take your time and do it properly. Being patient, planning, and developing the project can reduce the likelihood of regrets later on, although this cannot be fully guaranteed.

No Notion

I’ve decided that I don’t like using Notion and I’ve stopped trying to use it.

It was too frustrating.

Dave bot

I’ve reclaimed my @davehilldev username on Twitter.

This version of the account is set up to automatically share my new content using my RSS feeds and Zapier .

I will occaisionally retweet things of interest on this account.

Website updates

I’ve finally taken the time to make some updates to my website. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’m very pleased with the results. There is an extended footer, improved homepage and I’ve altered the colour pallete.

Thinking about 2020

I want to build something useful as a personal project during 2020. I recently cancelled the domains that I intended to use for the (now abandoned) projects that I setout to acheive in 2019.

These ideas were poorly planned and I dont want to make that mistake again.

Keep a look out for updates on my projects page.

Returning to Windows 10

After 5 years of using a mid-2014 Apple MacBook Pro 13.3”, I’ve swapped to a very nice 15.6” Acer with Windows 10. I’m using WSL which makes things pretty much the same as I’m used to.

The importance of quiet

For me, quiet is an important tool, it helps me relax and helps me think. A quiet environment can inspire me, add a ticking clock and I can focus on ideas, concentrate on solutions or even reduce any worries when they occur.

Taking a break can be rewarding

We want to improve, so we keep working and some of us even adopt our work as a sort of hobby to justify all of the extra hours that we spend coding. Do you use too much of your own time to improve your skills and learn new frameworks or libraries? It’s important to take long breaks and just watch TV or go for walks with friends. Try it! It’s very rewarding.