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I’d been hoping to go out with my camera this Summer and learn about photographing landscapes. Because I don’t want to stall my hobby, I’ve bought a light tent; this allows me to learn to shoot small objects, such as Lego® vehicles instead.


I’m currently looking toward the next iteration of my website’s layout. I’m making a design system for the site, and I wanted to begin by identifying which parts of the UI will be components and those achieved by using several components.

It’s exciting to discover what I can improve in the process.


I’ve updated my projects page. The newest addition is a design system and I’ve rebranded my podcast while it’s still in pre-production.

What a Git

I’ve noticed that occasionally I’ll do a “quick edit” to my website using GitHub in the browser on my iPad. Doing this is a terrible habit that must stop. It nearly always results in a mistake and I have to go and boot up the computer anyway.

Don’t rush it

A side project that you’re passionate about being a success shouldn’t be fast-tracked to production. It’s far more rewarding to take your time and do it properly. Being patient, planning, and developing the project can reduce the likelihood of regrets later on, although this cannot be fully guaranteed.