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No Notion

I’ve decided that I don’t like using Notion and I’ve stopped trying to use it.

It was too frustrating.

Dave bot

I’ve reclaimed my @davehilldev username on Twitter.

This version of the account is set up to automatically share my new content using my RSS feeds and Zapier.

I will occaisionally retweet things of interest on this account.

Website updates

I’ve finally taken the time to make some updates to my website. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’m very pleased with the results. There is an extended footer, improved homepage and I’ve altered the colour pallete.

Thinking about 2020

I want to build something useful as a personal project during 2020. I recently cancelled the domains that I intended to use for the (now abandoned) projects that I setout to acheive in 2019.

These ideas were poorly planned and I dont want to make that mistake again.

Keep a look out for updates on my projects page.

Returning to Windows 10

After 5 years of using a mid-2014 Apple MacBook Pro 13.3”, I’ve swapped to a very nice 15.6” Acer with Windows 10. I’m using WSL which makes things pretty much the same as I’m used to.