Digital clear out

During 2019 I found myself overwhelmed with too many social media accounts and many unnecessary paid for services. It was becoming obvious that some of these accounts were disorganised and others were causing harm to my mental health.

In the run up to Christmas Day, I deactivated, deleted and cancelled various services. On Christmas Day I deactivated the Twitter account that had been known as thisdavehill and then davehilldev. It was a reluctant action, but this was the account causing most of the harm to my wellbeing, it had to go.

It’s amazing how clearing out some digital clutter and having a plan for maintaining the surviving services can feel so good. Like many people, I was going to completely disappear from Facebook all together, I chose to create a new organised and leaner Facebook account instead. I’ve also separated GitHub in to personal and work accounts.

I intended to be more active on and my own website in 2020. I’ve deleted my account and will now be concentrating on my own website and my podcast.