New decade, new projects

In my previous blog post, I explained why I had decided to delete some social media accounts. I also deleted a few paid for services that I realised that I didn’t need. I’ve been busy setting up a couple of new projects that I’ll be working on throughout 2020.

Big project news

The first project news of the year is that I’ve taken on the challenge of starting a podcast. I’m currently planning a few episodes and I’m excited to be giving it a try.

A podcast about living in the digital age and the impact that it can have on mental health. I’m not the biggest fan of my own voice, so I’ve decided to create this podcast to prove myself wrong.

Check it out at Dave’s Voice

Update, 15 February 2020: I’ve deleted my podcast for a while, I’d underestimated what was involved and because I want it to be great, I’m currently doing more research and preparation.

Update, 14 May 2020: I’ve relaunched my podcast with a new name and trailer, check it out at Digital Me.

Update: 04 June 2020: I have deleted my podcast again, permanently this time. The main reason is that because of the COVID-19 situation my intended content lost it’s usefulness.

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