The podcast that never was

Starting a podcast seemed like a great idea at the time, it was January 2020, and I wanted a new challenge. I decided it was time to address the fact that I disliked my voice head-on. I bought some equipment and began to write an outline of what my podcast would be about.

A podcast about living in the digital age and the impact that it can have on mental health. I’m not the biggest fan of my own voice, so I’ve decided to create this podcast to prove myself wrong.

I published the original trailer in January, however by the end of February I had deleted the podcast from all distributors. I had underestimated what was involved and how much better it could be.

So, what happened

The first attempt just felt wrong, and so in May, I rebranded and reorganised the content. I recorded a new trailer, but then several weeks passed, and I hadn’t done anything else. I told myself I’d get started soon, I wasn’t rushing it and that this attitude made the process more enjoyable.

There wasn’t a single moment in which I decided to give up on the podcast, it was a slow realisation. I didn’t want to commit to a long term project that relied on fresh content to grow and maintain a weekly audience. I knew that it could become boring and repetitive, so I pressed delete again.

Would I try again

There’s an idea for a satirical podcast floating around in the back of my mind. It might be something worth pursuing if I can find suitable co-hosts and co-writers. I don’t have any plans to do anything in the foreseeable future though.

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