New decade, new projects

In my previous blog post, I explained why I had decided to delete some social media accounts. I also deleted a few paid for services that I realised that I didn’t need. I’ve been busy setting up a couple of new projects that I’ll be working on throughout 2020.

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A very brief profile

I'm a Front-end Developer based in the North of England. I began my career in 2001, initially employed as an e-learning developer. Are you eager to know more about me? If you are, here are a few more amazing facts.

Dave Hill. Illustration.
Asana Together Ambassador badge
  • I currently work at the University of York
  • I specialise in CSS and Digital Accessibility
  • I’m keen to network with designers and developers with similar interests
  • I’m an Asana Together Ambassador
  • I use some decent and affordable tech to produce my projects
  • I’m currently developing a podcast
  • I watch (mostly) science fiction TV shows and movies
  • I enjoy listening to David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and others

Recent thought

What a Git

I’ve noticed that occasionally I’ll do a “quick edit” to my website using GitHub in the browser on my iPad. Doing this is a terrible habit that must stop. It nearly always results in a mistake and I have to go and boot up the computer anyway.