The creator within

What am I capable of? This is a question that most people have asked themselves at least once. The answer is very likely to be influenced by your self-esteem. It’s a good question and one that you should answer with honesty.

A very brief profile

I'm a Front-end Developer based in the North of England. I began my career in 2001, initially employed as an e-learning developer. Are you eager to know more about me? If you are, here are a few more amazing facts.

Dave Hill. Illustration.
Asana Together Ambassador badge
  • I currently work at the University of York
  • I specialise in CSS and Digital Accessibility
  • I’m keen to network with designers and developers with similar interests
  • I’m an Asana Together Ambassador
  • I use some decent and affordable tech to produce my projects
  • I watch (mostly) science fiction TV shows and movies
  • I enjoy listening to David Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and others

Recent thought


I’m currently looking toward the next iteration of my website’s layout. I’m making a design system for the site, and I wanted to begin by identifying which parts of the UI will be components and those achieved by using several components. It’s exciting to discover what I can improve in the process.